12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (2023)

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Where are the best places to buy RV furniture? There are many RV furniture companies that offer different decor, features, and fabrics if you are ready to update or replace your current pieces.

We will explore the many options and factors that make RV furniture different from residential furniture. Our list of best places to buy RV furniture should help you with some ideas of your options on whether to recondition or replace your coach’s seating. Here are some retailers to check out when looking for places to buy RV furniture.

  1. Discount RV Furniture
  2. Kathy Ireland Collection
  3. RecPro
  4. Thomas Payne Collection by Lippert
  5. Shop4Seats
  6. Villa International
  7. Brad and Hall
  8. Coach Supply Direct
  9. Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design
  10. RV Yard
  11. Colaw RV Salvage
  12. IKEA

12 Best RV Furniture Brands

1. Discount RV Furniture

12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (1)
  • Class A, B, and C captain chairs
  • Truck and SUV captain chairs
  • All vehicle type fold down benches
  • RV multifunctional sofa beds
  • RV swivel recliners
  • RV furniture accessories
  • RV seating

Discount RV Furniture is a leader in RV furniture brands making custom-made RV furniture for every space. The company touts its great pricing on RV furniture and tells customers they shouldn’t be satisfied with used or surplus RV furniture. They also provide seat belts and seat belt hardware.

The company also makes campervan, truck, and SUV furniture. The company can make any of the furniture DOT compliant if needed.

2. Kathy Ireland Collection

12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (2)
  • Sleeper sofas
  • Jackknife sofas
  • Standard sofas
  • Power/manual theater seats
  • Swivel recliners
  • Euro recliners
  • Ottomans with storage

The Kathy Ireland Collection of RV furniture is exclusive at Camping World, which she released in 2021. Produced by Standard Furniture Manufacturing Company, the collection currently has 11 pieces including theatre seats, ottomans with storage, Euro recliners, recliners, standard sofas, and jackknife sofas. Kathy Ireland is a former supermodel and entrepreneur. Her company joined Standard Furniture in 2001 for her home collection.

3. RecPro

  • Captain chairs
  • Recliners
  • Storage ottoman chairs
  • Side tables
  • Tables
  • RV furniture accessories
  • Dinettes
  • Jackknife sofas
  • Standard sofas
  • Sleeper sofas
  • Tri-fold sofas
  • Modular furniture sections

Produced in Bristol, Indiana, with Dometic as its parent company, RecPro has a full array of RV furniture. Its Charles Collection and Charles Collection in Brisa come with moisture and stain-resistant fabric that is also environmentally conscious.

The three-year warranty includes limited structural, component, spring, and mechanism. There is also a two-year limited warranty on Suprima-touch leather, three years limited on RecPro cloth, five years on UltraFabrics Brista, and one year on the mechanism actuator.

4. Thomas Payne Collection by Lippert

12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (3)
  • Recliners
  • Euro recliners
  • Mattresses & Bedding
  • RV furniture accessories
  • Standard sofas
  • Tri-fold sofas
  • Jackknife sofas
  • Theater Seating
(Video) RV Furniture Upgrade: Finding Out What Fits

Relax on the road with the Thomas Payne Collection by Lippert. The Seismic theater seating features a flip-up power console with 110V outlets and a USB charging port, massage, heat, lumbar, an adjustable headrest, power recline, and USB ports on both armrests.

Rec Pro makes their furniture in Mishawaka, Indiana. The PolyHyde leather has a five-year warranty. There are new colors options, desks, and furniture add-ons to fully maximize the capabilities of the theater seats. If you’re looking to turn your coach into an RV without a dinette, the Seismic theater seats have all the accessories you need.

5. Shop4Seats

  • Sofa beds
  • Sofa sleepers
  • Reclining sofas
  • Dinette booths & cushions
  • Swivel recliners
  • Euro recliners
  • RV furniture packages

California, Shop4Seats is a direct builder located in La Habra, California. They feature a full array of furniture with packages to suit your needs. Feel at home on the road with one of this company’s RV dinette set collections which comes in lounge-style booth configurations. Adapt any captain’s chair to your vehicle with its line of RV seat bases. Sofa accessories include a powered tablet holder, wineglass holder, swivel tray, extra storage, and more.

If you are looking to completely renovate all of your living room furniture, including the driver’s area (for motorhomes), Shop4Seats has complete furniture packages. You can choose matching single or two-tone dinettes, sofas, recliners, and captain chairs with the same upholstery. That way, you can have your RV look like a rolling palace that looks as if it came built that way.

6. Villa International

12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (4)
  • Class A captain chairs
  • Recliners
  • Prototypes
  • Custom furniture
  • J-loungers
  • All versions of sofas
  • Dinettes

Established in 1955, Villa International is a leader in RV furniture, particularly motorcoaches. The company focuses on RVs and serves the individual as well as RV manufacturers with hand-crafted, custom-finished furniture.

A virtual walkthrough of their online showroom is highly encouraged. They sell their prototypes and custom chairs and sofas that are one-of-a-kind RV furniture pieces.

The company provides a lifetime frame guarantee with repairs or replacements at no cost to the consumer. Cushions, springs, and mechanisms have a 1-year guarantee.

Best RV Furniture Stores

7. Brad and Hall

  • Class A, B, and C Captain Chairs
  • Recliners
  • Tables & Chairs/ Dinettes
  • All versions of sofas
  • Computer desks
  • Power shades
  • Mattresses
  • Custom fabric choices
  • Villa International
  • Fjord
  • Lambright
  • Lafer (formally Flexsteel)
  • Other quality brands

With more than 30 years in the business, Brad and Hall sell all of the major RV furniture brands. The company provides a manufacturer 1-year warranty and a company 1-year warranty, with satisfaction guaranteed or a refund on all money, including shipping both ways.

The company also sells used furniture and can be found at many RV shows including the Tampa Supershow and America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, PA. Check out the website or go into the showroom, which is open daily.

8. Coach Supply Direct

12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (5)
  • Class A power captain chairs
  • Standard sofas
  • Theater Seats
  • J-lounges
  • Reclining sofas and love seats
  • Booth dinette benches
  • Sofa/dinette combos
  • Mattresses
  • RV lighting, window, and power chair components
  • Villa International
  • Thomas Payne By Lippert
  • Lambright Comfort Chairs (an Amish RV furniture maker)
(Video) Full Time RV Furniture Upgrade & Travel

Coach Supply Direct, based in Edwardsburg, Michigan, offers Villa International and Lambright Comfort Chairs (built by Amish RV furniture makers), and a full selection of regional and national furniture brands, as well as shades, valences, batteries, and accessories.

You can also find power components for power captain’s chairs.With more than 20 years in the business, Coach Supply Direct, can help you with a rebuild or remodel including flooring and state-of-the-art appliances.

The company also touts its ability to provide power components for your RV’s captain’s chair and a six-way switch design that has been used in motor coaches for the past 30 years. The switch is priced well and is an easy install compared to newer designs.

9. Dave & LJ’s RV Interior Design

  • Class A, captain chairs
  • Dinette seating
  • Sofa sleepers
  • Recliners
  • Wood furniture
  • Custom leather, ultra-leather, and fabric options
  • Lafer
  • Villa International
  • Palliser
  • Other top brands

With more than 25 years of experience, you can get a complete full-service or re-design/remodel of your RV with Dave & LJ’s Interior Design. The company offers sales, service, and installation of RV furniture, shades, flooring, electronics, and cabinetry.

There are also many fabrics finishes and colors available. Check out their RV showroom in Woodland, WA, just 15 minutes from Portland, Oregon, or go online to shop. You must call to order and a salesman will go through the ordering process with you, including how to measure and the best shipment options available.

Best RV Furniture Restoration Companies

10. RV Yard

12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (6)
  • Hard to find RV furniture pieces from most eras
  • Complete restorations

The RV Yard, based in Glendale, AZ, is in the business of RV restoration and its components. They specialize in low-cost and hard-to-find RV parts.

Check out their website but you need to call to find what you are looking for. Parts can be shipped or picked up locally during business hours or by appointment.

11. Colaw RV Salvage

12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (7)
  • Class A, B, and C Captain Chairs
  • Sofa beds

Based in Carthage, Missouri, Colaw RV Salvage is a department of the Colaw RV dealership. Check out the website for information and call to have detailed pictures and verified dimensions sent to you.

They restore and ship furniture found in RV scrapyards. They also sell new and used RVs.

(Video) New recliners for rig | RV furniture | RV Living

12. IKEA

  • Residential furniture that fits in RVs
  • Not rated for RV use
  • DIY ways to keep furniture in place
  • Some furniture pieces are multifunctional
  • May have organizational products for storage maximization

While the Swedish company, IKEA, does not make furniture specifically for the RV, you may want to consider some of its products. IKEA has many multifunctional products, such as sleeper sofas with storage underneath and fold-down tables. The company also sells ways to upgrade your current furniture such as covers, paint, and more.

Some of the furniture may be narrow enough for RV use but be sure and measure before you buy. IKEA furniture usually is lightweight and comes unassembled so fitting through your door should not be a problem.

You might also consider how you will bolt down RV furniture for travel that is not specifically made for an RV. You don’t want furniture shifting around as you move down the road. Some furniture from IKEA might be better suited for some who don’t travel as often such as snowbirds or full-time RVers who only travel every few months.

The weight of the furniture is a consideration, as well as its ability to withstand the wear and tear of RV life. IKEA does have a lot of organizational products which can be a lifesaver for your RV storage. Bins, dividers, baskets, and more can all be beneficial for storage. Make sure and measure before ordering but these can be very useful. Check the IKEA store locater to find a store near you or go online for products, ideas, 3D design, and more.

7 Factors That Makes RV Furniture Different from Home Furniture

1. Lightweight

Both the residential and RV furniture industries use High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) as a replacement for furniture structural components. RV furniture uses other techniques to make it as light as possible to help reduce the overall Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW or dry weight) of the RV.

An overweight travel trailer or motorhome can be more difficult to control and costs you more in gas. You must know the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) on your RV. This is the maximum weight your RV can be when fully loaded.

Replacing your RV with heavy pieces can reduce your coach’s Cargo Carrying Capacity (CCC) so it is important to do the math when looking for lightweight RV furniture. Be sure and check the product listings for the weight before making a purchase.

2. Department of Transportation Compliant

Many state Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations require passengers to use safety belts on secured seating traveling in motorhomes. RV sofas and dinette benches are bolted to the floor and have DOT compliant safety belts as standard features.

3. Bolted to the Floor

When you buy RV furniture it has the necessary hardware and the ability to be bolted to the floor. This keeps the content of your RV and the furniture in good shape. More importantly, if you need to make a sharp turn or sudden stop, motorhome users don’t have to worry about their passengers in the coach section getting hurt from the unsecured furniture.

4. Camp and Road Worthy

While the original furniture in your RV may not be the best quality, you want to be sure and get replacements that are of high quality and durability. Furniture should be able to withstand the vibrations and other conditions of RV travel.

Adults know how to take care of their furniture, but RV furniture manufacturers do account for the “kid and pet” effects. The HDF and other building materials can handle an accidental kick, a Mastiff jump on the sofa, and a pack of teenagers all sitting together (hopefully it’s a short trip).

5. Synthetic Leathers and Fabrics

Be sure and do some research on the kinds of fabrics that can handle the elements well. RV furniture leathers usually come as a synthetic material that can withstand the moisture and other demands of the RV lifestyle. Direct sunlight can make the top veneer begin to peel, but there are conditioners you can use to prevent it. Microfiber fabrics are also good and stain-resistant.

6. Multifunctional Design

RV furniture also can have multiple uses. A couch can fold into a bed, a bed can become a table, or some RV-specific furniture can have more storage options. For example, your RV dinette usually has storage under the cushions.

7. Fits Through the Entry Door

Most RV furniture is built to fit through an RV entry door. It may have to be brought in or out in separate parts, but the owner’s manual will instruct you how to do it correctly.. A good rule of thumb is to always measure before you buy.

Reasons Why You Might Want to Replace Your RV furniture

Is your current RV furniture uncomfortable worn out? Do you have kids or pets that make you say “this is why we can’t have nice things.” Finding furniture that will stand up to your two or four-legged kids is not difficult. High-quality furniture that is durable and beautiful is the best part of RV furniture.

Maybe you just want your space to look nice and you want to get rid of all those browns and tans. Paint and a few pieces of lighter color furniture can make such a difference on how your space feels. Lighter and brighter is always better.

Your current floor plan might also be something you want to change up. I don’t know how many RVs we looked at that had the TV at a weird angle to the couch or recliners. I guess you shouldn’t want to watch TV when you RV. Really?

(Video) Shopping for an RV COUCH! Why is this so hard to find?!

Changing the floor plan can also provide you with more storage. If you opt for smaller furniture pieces, work out a better way to arrange it, focus on multi-use furniture with extra storage, your end result could be your perfect balance of aesthetic and functionality.

12 Best Places to Buy RV Furniture (8)

RV Couch Replacement Ideas

Replacing a couch in your RV isn’t difficult, but everything depends on what is your end goal. In our travel trailer, we needed space for an office, so we took out the couch in the bunkroom and added a desk.

We slept on the hide-a-bed once and it was super uncomfortable. We never wanted to do it again, or make our visitors suffer through. When we sold that travel trailer, we found a comfortable used couch for the new owners at a very decent price. It was the deciding factor to close the sale.

If you don’t like the couch you have because of the way it looks, you can either replace it or recondition it. Replacing the fabric or leather won’t help if it’s not comfortable. However, you might consider adding new foam.

Keep an eye out on RV social media pages if you don’t want to buy something new. There is always someone looking to sell RV furniture that is in good condition, as we learned. You can also find small businesses on Etsy that will make custom fabric cushions and pillows for your sofas, chairs, and other RV furniture.

Why is RV Furniture so Expensive?

RV furniture is expensive because it is custom-made for the RV lifestyle. Its construction and fabric must be able to stand up to the stresses that are put on it through travel and a more “outdoor” lifestyle. It must be able to fit through an RV door, as well as be lightweight and durable.

These days there is a trend toward RV renovation so check out places like eBay, Craig’s List, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, and other social media sites for gently used RV furniture. Many RV furniture stores have clearance sales and scratch-and-dent items at reduced prices.

How Do You Secure Furniture in an RV?

Securing your new RV furniture could require an expert for installation. Handy DIYers can install many less complex pieces in place too. Most RV furniture will come ready to secure. However, taking a piece of furniture that was in a motorcoach and adding it to a travel trailer might require some creativity. We found that out as we added the new couch.

An RV Truth: It’s rare to find universal sizing in the RV world

If you plan to bolt furniture to your RV, make sure you know what is below before you drill through the floor.

Best RV COUCH- So comfortable – YouTube

Does Flexsteel Still Make RV Furniture?

On April 29, 2020, Flexsteel announced that they were leaving the RV furniture sector because of falling revenues. That allowed other brands the opportunity of becoming the new leaders in the RV furniture market. Flexsteel dominated the conversion van and motorhome furniture market space since the 80s and 90s.

Key Points to Look For in RV Furniture

To recap, make sure you consider the weight of your new RV furniture. Check the product listing to find that number. Get furniture that is roadworthy with high-quality materials to maximize the furniture’s longevity. RV furniture with multifunctionality and storage can be worth the upgrade cost. Don’t forget to take measurements so you know it will fit through the door and sit correctly in the space you want. Be patient to find gently used furniture and to get the best deals.

Your RV is your home, whether it is for a few weeks a year or year-round. You want it to reflect your style and suit your needs. There are many reasons to change up your furniture and there are tons of ways to improve your space that is not terribly expensive.

Whether you have the money for a complete redo, or maybe just a piece or two, jump in and get started. With a little time and research, you can find plenty of ideas, purchase used or discounted furniture, or go whole hog with new stuff.

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