NBA 2k22 APK 2K21 2k20 2k19 2k18 OBB Mod Android Download (2023)

2022 Update: If you happen to be a top fan of NBA Sports, then here comes latest update to download and install free full versions of (NBA 2k22, 2k21, 2k20, 2k19, 2k18, 2k17, 2k16, 2k15, 2k14, 2k13 and 2k12) Apk + OBB file Data. These games can be played on Android mobile phones, PC, and iOS (iPhone and iPads) devices. How to install and set up all the listed NBA game versions above in different platforms, were also simplified into steps and made available on this very post guide.

The Download links are constantly updated with current and new working links, so as to give game players a good experience during downloads and installations across all platforms listed above.

This article was currently edited and upgraded this present year, in order to see to the satisfaction of our top fan gamers. And this brought about adding other versions of NBA basketball games.

In this article, we have provided direct and working free download links to get any of the game Versions installed on your smart android, as well as, other mentioned devices above. So for those asking “How can I install NBA obb files? Where can I download the mod version? How can I set up NBA apk game on computer / laptop, iOS devices? You need not to worry or seek more answers again, as this website got all the solutions regarding to those questions, here on this blog. (We have updated: nba 2k22 apk + obb download, mod + obb unlimited money, ios vision, the apk release date is 2022).

For those new to this particular game, NBA is an entertaining Basketball sports game that has to do with two different teams coming together on a pitch and competing for a trophy, just like other popular soccer sports games like; fts apk, best ppsspp games, Dls apk, FIFA, FMM Android etc. The major difference between NBA and other aforementioned football games above, is that NBA players uses their hands (handball) to control the football while others use their legs.

NBA happens to be a basketball simulation video game that was developed to meet the need of fans in entertainment world, just for catching fun. This latest version of NBA game was developed with great platform that provides users with good experience and better features for matches.

This game assures players a dynamic basketball competition and it’s played on Android mobile devices and other platforms with required specifications.

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NBA has one of the best gameplay feature and as well as visuals with other added Beautiful functionalities that keeps the game controller engaged with the game. In order to have the entertainment sports game installed on your mobile devices, you need to download any of the versions provided below with the available obb file or data. Then you proceed with the settings to set it up in other to have the game play on your device.


To download the game directly from NBA official website, of from Google play store then Click: Download NBA Google play store.

NBA 2k22 APK 2K21 2k20 2k19 2k18 OBB Mod Android Download (1)

Features of NBA Game for Android, iPhone and PC Windows Devices

Developed with high-quality graphics:

NBA game developers ensured to add a high quality graphics to the latest versions of the game. So all you have to do in order to create a player is just to hit a provided button in the game that automatically create a player for your team.

Select players:

There is an option for choosing the players of your choice, for playing any match. The players you can choose from may be the ones with real life player names or the ones you decided to create by yourself.

Manage your NBA Team

As a manager, you are able to select whichever city, uniform color, badges, kits for your team to use.

Earn unlimited money and coin

Win matches and earn yourself money via the game. Playing NBA APK data mod version exposes you to more wonderful features.

NBA Game Rules

Features NBA Game rules and regulations for players to follow for better experience while playing. While controlling your players, if you fail to keep the rules, it turns out to be a foul.

NBA commentators and Announcers

Git 11 different announcers and as well as commentators which includes Doris Burke, Brent Barry, & David Aldridge etc.


About 40 Teams

There are different 40 teams it features, so you can select one of them for your matches. The developers included NBA historic teams to the game and most of the teams are as follows, Chicago Bull, Boston Celtics, and Los Angeles Lakers etc.

My GM and My League

This latest NBA APK free download game was added two special features which are MyGM and MyLeague. The features give the game controller the option to customize a specific team, thereby allowing so many tactics, tricks and other quality strength a player needs, to be added to a particular team he or she controls.

Create NBA players

Has league expansion that gives the functionality for allowing players create their own expansion team similar to that of real life basketball.

Supports different platforms

NBA support various Android versions, some of them are marshmallow, jelly Bean, Lollipop, KitKat etc.

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My Career Mode

Features My career mode that allows players to play against other game controllers or friends even on XBOX live players.

Offline NBA Game

The game is offline but there is still option to play the NBA online game mode, which makes it more realistic and enjoyable for game lovers.

Game Audience

NBA latest version came with high population that yells for victory on the winning side and also failure for failing side.

(Video) NBA 2K22 APK Mod 2022 Unlimited Money Download

NBA LIVE multiplayer sports game

You can as well play multiplayer live basketball in real-time tournament with your friends online. NBA 2k22 live match came with such feature. There is 3v3 basketball matchups. You have to compete in order to win PvP matches in the PVP Mode NBA sports.

  • The game app (application) was built to use the global system for smart mobile communication telephony radio system.
  • There is an option for training your players with provided training facilities highly beautified using great graphics design. Kudos to NBA developers, they did a very good job.
  • Easy control of players with different performance of tactics added.
  • Get access to different multiple settings for better gameplay.
  • As a manager, sign contract with your team players, distribute equipment and many more features you will get to utilize after installation.
  • Before you download NBA LIVE Mobile apk, below are list of features the game app came with.
  • Take new Position and Team Tokens in order to earn players from any of your favorite team.
  • In live NBA, there is Flashback, Team of the Week, and NBA Greats.
  • Regular updates on NBA LIVE Mobile Season
  • Great Campaign with unique theme that fit into the Mobile Season
  • Update to Increase OVR to unlock new Campaigns
  • You can also get a head start depending on the World Tour progress from Season 4

NBA Review Details:

  • Game Name: NBA
  • Developer: 2K, Inc.
  • The File size: 100 MBs
  • Updated: 2021
  • Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

NBA Download Links

Below are download links for different versions of NBA game. Go ahead and install the version that suit your device well.


NBA 2k22 APK 2K21 2k20 2k19 2k18 OBB Mod Android Download (2)

Watch NBA live 2K22 Android

NBA 2k21 Apk full version free Download

NBA 2k22 APK 2K21 2k20 2k19 2k18 OBB Mod Android Download (3)
NBA 2k22 APK 2K21 2k20 2k19 2k18 OBB Mod Android Download (4)

NBA 2K20 APK Download

  • 2k20 Mod APK + OBB Data in rar file [2.73GB ] ARM 64 bit LINK
  • NBA 2k20 Mod Apk + OBB file (size: 2.6GB) For ARM v7 devices LINK
NBA 2k22 APK 2K21 2k20 2k19 2k18 OBB Mod Android Download (5)

NBA 2K19 APK Download

NBA 2k22 APK 2K21 2k20 2k19 2k18 OBB Mod Android Download (6)

NBA 2K18 APK Download Mod – money

  • APK File
  • Download OBB Data
  • All compressed into one folder file Download

NBA 2K17 APK Download

NBA 2K16 APK Download

NBA 2K15 APK Download

  • APK download
  • OBB File download
  • Download both Apk +Obb Mod from here

NBA 2K14 APK Download

  • NBA 2k14 APK download
  • OBB File download

NBA 2K13 APK Download

  • Mod APK file [49.65 Mb] LINK
  • OBB File [885.59 Mb] LINK

NBA 2k12 free for Android

  • APK file Link
  • OBB File Link

How to install NBA OBB and APK on Android

  1. Install the APK on your Android and don’t open the game yet until you finish the second step
  2. After Downloading from above, just extract the OBB file to this location sdcard/android/obb/.
  3. Now open the NBA game from your phone menu and start playing. That’s all for the installation.

How to install and play NBA apk on iOS devices

To download and install NBA game on your iPhone, iPad and iPod devices the below procedure will guide you through.

Note: You can’t download APK games and apps directly from Apple App Store. That is because, it’s another different mobile company with different Operating System OS and they only provide downloadable games and applications only in their own version. So to get Android apk games or apps work on your iOS devices, you need a third party app called “App Sync“.

App Sync will enable you run android games on your iPhone and iPad devices without having any error status or problem.

(Video) how to install NBA 2k20

Steps to Set up the NBA on iPhone

  1. Download the app sync on your iPhone
  2. Next is to search for Cydia app.
  3. After successful download of the above apps, proceed by selecting your iOS device to install them.
  4. After installation, reboot your device.
  5. just search for the NBA APK ios game in cidya app and then ensure to click on it.
  6. Be patient because it will take few mins. to get the game downloaded to your device. After download, just click on the install button.
  7. After the successful installation, then your NBA iPhone game is ready to be played. Just launch the game and start playing.

How to install NBA Games on PC (Windows)

The installation Guide for nba apk Versions on various windows computers or laptops has been simplified. Below is how to play the game on your PC devices for free.

First of all, the latest NBA basketball game can run on Windows like XP/ 7/ 8.1/ 10/ vista. Just with the help of Android Emulator.

Emulators simply act as a mediator for your desktop computers to run Android applications or games freely. And one of the best emulator software for PC devices is called BlueStack.

So, in order to have the Android game play on your PC devices, you need to download and install Bluestack on your PC.


  1. Download Android Emulator called bluestack on your PC device.
  2. install the bluestack software.
  3. Download NBA 2k18 apk on your PC device.
  4. Launch or open the installed Bluestack on your PC and search for the downloaded nba Apk game from the “Android section of blue stack”.
  5. Once the search is completed and the game is found, click on it to start install the installation process.
  6. Once the game finishes the installation process, Just open the game through your Bluestack and start playing.

Below are some of the functions one can utilize while controlling the game.

  • To activate the pick and roll function while playing, just hold Lb and L1 button.
  • To execute a pick and pop functionality, press RB or R1.
  • Clicking on RT or R2 changes the direction control of your teammate screen.

There are lots of NBA 2K Tips and Tricks one can apply while Playing this video game on Android, iOS, PC and tablet devices. This game also have Playstation (PS4) Version and that will be updated soon. Also, hope we are getting ready for NBA 2k22 apk and obb? Only stay tuned to this platform and more latest games will be updated. Search and directly download wwe 2k21 apk from techbmc.

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