WWE 2k22 2k21 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk Download Android (2023)

Latest version Downloads for WWE 2K22 PPSSPP and WWE 2K21, 2k20 iso PPSSPP – PSP Emulator Apk free Game, coupled with their texture file as well as Save data file that comes with roster updates.

These games have been made available here, for Android device installation. So you can now play these games without having to bother for external game controllers or gaming console devices.

Latest WWE 2K22 PPSSPP ISo Download & WWE 2k21 PSP Game

WWE 2K22 PPSSPP Download (PSP ISO File Apk Android) is a free wrestling game modded for fun. We ensured to update the previous mod versions of these games with direct download links for their Apk data Obb files; the likes are WWE 2k17 and 2k18, wwe 2k19 etc. So feel free to also play the old versions of this game. But in this article, we have provided you fans with detailed information about the newest versions (WWE 2k22, 2k21 and 2k20) with working direct Download links.

WWE PSP Iso remains one of the best trending wrestling simulation Video game with wide varieties of features. The game works with PSP Emulator Apk app on Android mobile devices. It’s an action game that demands you fighting your opponent with your own customized or follow come superstar Legendary. At the end of each match after One mode competition, a winner is pronounced between you and your opponent.

(Video) WWE 2K21 MoD Pack For PPSSPP Android | Only 120MB | All Devices Working | Everything Unlock.

The new version of WWE Game came with lots of features ranging from; Superstars Legendary, updated fighting Rings, top WWE 2K franchise, streamlined controls, entertaining music on the background gameplay. As a player of this latest WWE game, you have a lot of Features to explore while on stage.

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So many introduction to new things that players would want to explore, were added in this very mod versions. Things like new 2K showcase Depending on the 4 Horsewomen or Women’s Evolution story, MyCA REER, there is also male and female characters, Mixed Tag Match, and new 2K Towers.

This very version emerged with cover model superstars, popular NXT stars, Hall of Fame WWE celebrities etc. Playing this Game will leave you to Experience its original WWE gameplay and amazing built-in options, as there are different kinds of match types, and as well as fan-picked mods!

There is Tag Teams division built into WWE 2k22, 2k21 and 2k20 PPSSPP Iso, and this feature works very fine without error or lagging issues. There is two man tag teams in the division, also three man tag teams as well as 6 man tag teams. All are working appropriately in the game without issues.

This latest WWE Game also came with Real Pay Per View competition. The popular ones are WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, TLC matches (Tables Ladders Chair), Elimination Chamber and many others.

(Video) WWE 2K21 New Special MoD For PSP | Only 50 MB | All Superstar & Arena Unlock | All Devices Working.

You can Select your best Arenas that is under WWE Brand, and they include NXT, Smack down arenas, 205 live and others not listed here.

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WWE 2k21 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk mod features good Signature and finishers moves, up to date wrestlers, buttons and game controls. There is updated real faces, upgraded theme music songs, real entrance in the fight scene or stadium. Every features of this WWE Apk App Game were programmed to look exactly like the one you watch through live shows on Television TV or via online streaming.

The Commentary feature built into WWE 2021 PPSSPP PSP Iso Save Data and the textures are very much more clearer and louder than the previous versions. And of course, this feature makes the wrestling game look more realistic just like the real live fighting show programs.

You make use of weapons or arsenals during the game fight with your opponent, just like it happens in the real life fight entertainment. So you grab weapons like table, chair, ladder etc during the wrestling match.

WWE 2k22 2k21 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk Download Android (1)

Features of WWE 2k22 & 2k21 Apk PPSSPP PSP Iso

  • Lots Of Matches were added
  • Updated New WWE 2k22 and 2k21 PSP Superstars New Entrances
  • updated New Players
  • Has High Graphics and Speed control
  • There is New WWE 2K22 PPSSPP Franchise Updates

Requirements To Play WWE 2K22 & 2k21 PPSSPP PSP ISO Game

Below are some of the Requirements that will enable you play this game on your Android mobile device for free.

(Video) Download Wwe 2k22 ppsspp android with commentary and entrance music, all wrestlers and events, faces

  • Android Phone 4.1 and above
  • Storage Capacity: 2GB free space and 1GB+ RAM
  • Best PPSSPP Settings.
  • PPSSPP Gold Emulator Apk
  • ZArchiver Pro Apk App.
  • WWE 2K22 PSP ISO File.

Supported Platforms For WWE 2K22, 2k21 Apk Ppsspp Game

  • Android
  • iOS
  • PC (Windows)

Game information

  • Game Name: WWE 2k22
  • Game Category: PPSSPP, PSP
  • Game Platform: Sony playstation Portable (PSP)
  • Publisher: 2K Sports
  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • File Type: ISO
  • File Size: 1.7GB
  • Genre: Sports, Wrestling
  • Series: WWE 2K
  • Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer
  • Languages: English And Others
  • Downloads: 4k +
  • Rating: 4.5/5
  • Game Price: Free Wwe apk

Download WWE 2k22 PPSSPP ISO

Download WWE 2k21 Ppsspp iso file apk 2k22 for Android mobile device

This WWE 2021 game file was highly compressed for easy Download and installation. Get the game installed through the direct free Download link below.

How To Install WWE 2K21 PPSSPP PSP ISO File Apk On Android

Follow below guide to setup WWE 2k21 PSP without any form of error or issues to fix. The steps was simplified in order to enable you install WWE 2K21 PSP game successfully.

  1. After downloading the WWE 2K21 PSP iso zip File provided in above link, then proceed with below instruction.
  2. Download PPSSPP Gold emulator and zArchiver app in case you don’t have them. (zArchiver is used for extracting or unzipping the game file)
  3. Extract the Iso game file you Downloaded from above with zArchiver pro app,
  4. Next step is to open the PPSSPP Emulator from your Android Menu and then locate the folder you extracted game. When you see it, CLICK on the game to run.
WWE 2k22 2k21 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk Download Android (2)

Features Of WWE 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Game

Below are the features of WWE PPSSPP PSP 2020 mod Game developed by Architect 01. There is more to explore in the game and here are highlights of the specs.

  • 2020 version is updated with One on One feature
  • improved Entrance to the wrestling scenes
  • There is 6-Man Tag Team
  • features a Fatal-4-Way match game
  • New Triple Treat
  • Improved Handicap match feature
  • Updated with Survivor Series
  • features a Royal Rumble.
  • You have Story lines – road to WrestleMania, all updated and improved
  • updated with Hell in a cell.
  • Features a Steel cage match for players
  • Updated with new Entertaining background music.
  • There is Women division working perfectly
  • And many newest features imbedded in this wrestling game for Android mobile device.

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WWE PPSSPP Download PSP Iso Save Data And Textures Files

Here is a New method on how to download, install and setup WWE 2k20 and 2k21 iso PPSSPP using Android Emulator. The iso file was decompiled into a secured folder, which PPSSPP PSP Emulator App can open, unzip and process. Follow our guide and steps to run the game completely successful.

(Video) [70MB]🔥FINNALLY🔥|| WWE 2K22 NEW ISO+PSP FOLDER RELEASED FOR ANDROID || Download wwe 2k22 ||

Download and install WWE 2k20 With Many Super Stars

You should note that this game file is a big one. The original file size was 3.02 GB but now compressed to 2.23GB. So ensure your device has enough memory storage or space. I suggest you first of all Download the game file to your SDcard, then do the file extraction into the phone storage/memory, locate the iso file inside the PSP folder and then move it to SDcard.

Just as stated above, the tools or Files Required to Setup WWE PPSSPP Games are: Zarchiver App Apk, and PPSSPP Emulator Apk.

WWE 2k22 2k21 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk Download Android (3)

How To Install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Save Data Texture Files in Android Phone

Ensure to follow this Steps accurately, in order to to install WWE 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Game on your Android mobile smartphones.

  1. First of all, Download and Install Zarchiver App, in case you don’t have it.
  2. Then Open the Zarchiver App and find WWE 2k20 PPSSPP Rar file, when you locate it, click on the rar file.
  3. Now the Options menu will be displayed, just click on where you see “extract“.
  4. At this point, click on your device download folder located at the top of Zarchiver application interface.
  5. A popup menu will display, now click your device storage memory
  6. Next step is to click on the extract icon (arrow pointing downwards), in order to extract into phone memory.
  7. Since it’s time to extract the file, password will be asked from you, so enter this password without the bracket (BESTINTHEMOD), and click OK to further continue the extractionWWE 2k22 2k21 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk Download Android (4)
  8. After a successful extraction, go to the PSP folder and delete the folders so as to refresh the PPSSPP emulator.WWE 2k22 2k21 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk Download Android (5)
  9. Note: the iso file is inside the phone storage because that’s where you extracted the files. you can choose to move it to SDcard or leave it in the phone memory.WWE 2k22 2k21 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk Download Android (6)
  10. Go ahead and launch the PPSSPP Emulator App, and use it to go to the phone memory in the section of Games. (check the screenshot below)WWE 2k22 2k21 2k20 PPSSPP PSP Iso Apk Download Android (7)

While you are still in the phone storage memory with the ppsspp Emulator app, just scroll to the bottom of the p
screen and you will locate WWE 2k20 iso icon, just click on it to start playing the game without errors or issues.

After the the above step, WWE Psp PPSSPP Iso file will now be seen inside the PSP folder right under GAME. From there, the emulator app can still read it base on the format. So you can actually decide to move it to your SDcard in order save device space, (optional).

(Video) Wwe 2k21 ppsspp LatestDownload For Android #HelpMeToReach300subs#wwe2k22#wwe2k22ppsspp


Now Start playing WWE 2k21 and wwe 2k22 offline Game on your Android, without complicated issues. Also, expect WWE latest version for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox one Nintendo and other platform compatible versions. You might want to install and play other latest android games of 2021, like DLS 21, FTS 21, WE 21, and PES 2021 etc. Tips to setup multiplayer mode on Games.

If you encounter any error do well to comment so we can give possible solution to the problem. Do well to share this offline mode game using below social media buttons.


Is WWE 2K22 available on Android? ›

wwe 2k22 Game for Android - Download | Cafe Bazaar.

Is WWE 2K22 offline? ›

WWE 2K22 Deluxe Edition Includes Game Disc (Offline Only) (Deluxe Edition) (Physical, for PC) Safe and Secure Payments.

How can I download PSP games? ›

Connect your PSP to your computer with a USB, or insert your Memory Stick Duo in your card reader or USB adapter. Open the "PSP" folder on your PSP or Memory Stick Duo. Open the "GAME" folder in the PSP folder. Unzip the contents of the "PSP 6.61 Pro" custom firmware folder and copy the contents to the Game folder.

Is WWE 2K20 available? ›

WWE 2K20 is a professional wrestling video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It was released worldwide on October 22, 2019, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
WWE 2K20
SeriesWWE 2K
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows PlayStation 4 Xbox One
ReleaseOctober 22, 2019
4 more rows

How do I download 2k 22 on my phone? ›

How to Download NBA 2K22 Mobile!! - YouTube

How do I download WWE 2K21 on Ppsspp? ›

In this WWE 2K21, you will get lots of wrestling superstars.
How to Install WWE 2K21 ISO PPSSPP For Android
  1. Download and install Zarchiver Apk from the Google Play Store.
  2. Install the PPSSPP Gold emulator that you downloaded above.
  3. Extract WWE 2K21 ISO PPSSPP file to SD card, SDCard » PSP » GAME for easy access.
20 May 2021

Why is WWE 2K22 stuck in demo mode? ›

However, this issue can persist after an update has finished. 2K advises players to perform a system cache clear followed up by uninstalling and reinstalling the game completely to resolve the issue.

Can't connect to 2K server 2K22? ›

To fix the WWE 2K22 “Unable to communicate with the server at this time” error message, players should: Check to see if the game's servers are down. Head on over to the official @WWEgames Twitter account to see if the game has any scheduled or unplanned maintenance.

How long will WWE 2K22 servers be up? ›

On June 30, 2022, a little under two months from now, the servers for WWE 2K19 and WWE 2K20 will be closing. Citing that they'll focus their full attention on WWE 2K22, the developer will sunset all online functions, such as online matches & Community Creations.

Can you hack a PSP? ›

Hacking your PSP will allow you to access a wide variety of custom made software. This software is called Homebrew, and it ranges from games to productivity programs. Hacked PSPs can also run emulators, which are programs that allow you to play games from other consoles on your PSP.

Can we play FIFA on PSP? ›

Rated 3 by PEGI, developed by HB Studios and published Electronic Arts, FIFA 11 is a single-player/multiplayer football video game for the PSP console. This is the eighteenth release in EA's FIFA series of football video games.

Can I play GTA 5 on PSP? ›

There are no versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 available on the PSP platform nor PS Vita. The only Grand Theft Auto (GTA) titled games on the PSP are Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

How many GB is WWE 2K20? ›

You will need at least 50 GB of free disk space to install WWE 2K20. WWE 2K20 will run on PC system with 64-bit: Windows® 10 (latest updates) and upwards.

How much is WWE 2K22 cost? ›

Double-tap to zoom
List Price:$59.99 Details
2 more rows

Is WWE 2K20 fixed? ›

However, WWE 2k20 has managed to fix everything that aggravates players about the game. A lot of bugs have been squashed, the targeting system has been reoriented, and the gameplay is much smoother now.

Is NBA 2K Mobile offline? ›

NBA 2K Mobile requires an Internet connection, a device with 4+ GB of Ram, and Android 8+ (Android 9.0 recommended). Experience console quality graphics and lifelike NBA 2K action on the go.

Is NBA 2K22 on mobile? ›

NBA 2K22 Mobile: Arcade Edition brings basketball to iOs, Android, Apple Arcade.

Is 2K21 available on Android? ›

You can expect the mobile version of NBA 2K21 to retail for around $7.99 with an assortment of in-app purchases. 2K's released the companion app for NBA 2K21 dubbed My NBA2K21. Like its predecessors, it's free for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

What is the size of WWE 2K21? ›

Storage: 50 GB available space.

Where can I download Ppsspp games for Android? ›

Best Websites to Download PPSSPP/PSP Games for Free (2022)
  • Freeroms.com — www.freeroms.com.
  • Romspedia — www.romspedia.com.
  • Emuparadise — www.emuparadise.me.
  • CoolRom — www.coolrom.com.
  • Consoleroms — www.consoleroms.com.
  • DownloadGamePSP — www.downloadgamepsp.org.
  • Naijaknowhow — www.naijaknowhow.net/ppsspp-games.

Is there WWE 2K21 for PC? ›

One of many in the series

However, WWE 2K21 was canceled and has never received a release.

Is there a WWE 2K22 demo? ›

Pre Order gives Early Access, no demo expected

In addition to all the other in-game content provided as rewards, those players will receive 3-Days Early Access and get to start playing on March 8, 2022.

How do you update WWE live? ›

Open the Google Play Store app. Tap the Menu icon, then My Apps. Apps with available updates are labeled Update. Select WWE and tap Update.

When can I pre download WWE 2K22? ›

WWE 2K22 Pre-Load Date and Day One Patch Notes

The first is the Deluxe Edition which will be available to pre-load on March 6 and unlock on March 8. The second is the regular edition which will be available to pre-load on March 9 and launch on March 11 according to PlayStationGameSize on Twitter.

Why is WWE 2K22 not working? ›

Just like restarting your modem or router, turning off your preferred gaming device — consoles or PC — could also help fix the connection error in WWE 2K22. There might be any obstructive applications or in-game errors running in the background, and restarting your system should refresh the whole thing.

Why is WWE 2K22 servers not working? ›

The main reason you are experiencing server issues in WWE 2K22 is a weak internet connection. Along with this, if the game servers are down, you will also face the problem. It's very easy to resolve server issues in WWE 2K22.

Are the WWE 2K20 servers down? ›

2K has announced that the online services for WWE 2K20 and WWE 2K19 will soon permanently close. A statement on Twitter from @WWEGames reads: “Attention WWE 2K community: On June 30, 2022, we will sunset support for WWE 2K19 & WWE 2K20 servers.

How many people are playing WWE 2K22? ›

WWE 2K22
MonthAvg. PlayersGain
Last 30 Days882.1-12.3
August 2022894.5-96.8
July 2022991.3-22.5
June 20221,013.8-344.3
3 more rows

Is WWE 2K19 server down? ›

Via a tweet from the official WWE 2K Twitter account, fans learned that these titles' servers will be shut down on June 30, 2022. This will mean that WWE 2K20 and 2K19 players will no longer be able to participate in any form of online matches.

Are 2K19 servers up? ›

Online functionality for both games will cease on 30th June, meaning no more access to online matches or community-made content. WWE 2K19, released in 2018, was the final game from long-time series stalwart Yuke's.

Do SD cards work on PSP? ›

The PSP uses Memory Stick Pro Duo, an old sony card type that is typically hard to find right now, though if you search for it you might be able to find a Memory Stick Pro Duo to Micro DS adaptor card to use micro sd cards in your PSP.

Can you charge PSP with USB? ›

You can switch whether or not to charge the PSP™ system though the USB connector.
Method of Charging Using the USB Connector.
1.Connect the USB cable to the system and to the device.
2.Turn on the PSP™ system and select (Settings) > (USB Connection). The POWER indicator will turn orange and charging will begin.

How do I play ISO files on my PSP? ›

Firstly, you connect your PSP to the PC with the use of a USB cable. You then insert the ISO file in the ISO folder of your memory stick. You can then disconnect your PSP from your PC and then fully shut down the PSP. You can shut it down when you hold down the power switch for a period of 7 seconds.

Does PSP have FIFA 15? ›

You can download Fifa 15 for PSP for free.

Is FIFA 14 available for PSP? ›


Is FIFA 22 last FIFA? ›

Back in May 2022, it was announced that FIFA 23 will be the final one from EA as the gaming developer announced they were giving up the FIFA licence.

Is PS Vita same as PSP? ›

As mentioned, the PS Vita is thinner than the PSP (that's a PSP-2000 in the photo). It's not a huge difference, but you can feel it when holding both of them. You can also see the various other buttons and inputs are shuffled around quite a bit.

Can I play GTA San Andreas on PSP? ›

The game was not made for PSP, but yes it is available for consoles like ps2, ps3, as well as ps4 and ps4 pro, xbox, xbox 360, xbox1, xbox 1x. You can't get the game on PSP though.

What is PSP video game? ›

PlayStation Portable

How many GB is WWE 2K16? ›

Storage: 44 GB available space.

How many GB is WWE 2K15? ›

Hard Drive: 22 GB available space.

How many GB is WWE 2K17? ›

Storage: 50 GB available space.

How many GB is WWE 2K22 Xbox Series S? ›

The WWE 2K22 file size will be around 47 GB without the day one patch. Once the game is available, you'll be required to download a patch that will take up around 5 GB of space, meaning you'll need around 53 GB of room to play.

What's new in WWE 2K22? ›

WWE 2K22 Patch 1.17 Notes
  • Added gameplay optimizations.
  • Fixed game freezing issues.
  • Added performance improvements.
  • Added fixes for various game crashing issues.
  • Added general stability fixes.
  • Addressed some glitches.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
25 Aug 2022

Is WWE 2K20 story mode good? ›

The MyCareer mode for this year's adaptation can be seen as one of the best bits of the game. Minus the glitches and crashes, this story was actually quite fun at times! It does have its lows though and this is the reason why we are covering both the positives and the negatives on this mode.

How do you unlock bump in the night? ›

The issue preventing Bump in the Night from being unlocked on Xbox One for those who pre-ordered WWE 2K20 or purchased the Deluxe/Collector's Editions has now been resolved. Make sure to restart the game after installing. If the issue persists, uninstall the DLC and reinstall it, then relaunch the game.

How do you make WWE 2k19 fun? ›

We have a few things you can do to make your Universe Mode experience more enjoyable.
  1. Start out with one show at first. ...
  2. Customize your match tables for more realistic or crazy booking. ...
  3. Simulate matches to guarantee a winner. ...
  4. Watch or play all the rivalry matches. ...
  5. Customize your shows and events to make them your own.
6 Sept 2019

Is WWE 2K22 online? ›

For those who prefer to fight online, the WWE 2K22's 8 Player Multiplayer mode lets you face off against both friends and randoms. You can also access the online mode from the Main Menu's options, which are well-organized and simple to use.

Why is my WWE 2K22 Online not working? ›

Just like restarting your modem or router, turning off your preferred gaming device — consoles or PC — could also help fix the connection error in WWE 2K22. There might be any obstructive applications or in-game errors running in the background, and restarting your system should refresh the whole thing.

Is Myfaction online? ›

No. Because the game is offline and single-player only, there is no online competition, which is a necessity for any pay-to-win concept. Also, every card in the game is accessible through gameplay.

Are WWE 2K22 servers down on Xbox? ›

Yes, WWE 2K22 servers are currently down for maintenance.

How much GB is WWE 2k20? ›

Storage: 50 GB available space.

Is GM mode online? ›

Otherwise, players may try to send game invites or use other creative maneuverings to attempt it on other platforms as well, but in general, the answer is that WWE 2K22 MyGM will not offer online multiplayer, and will instead rely solely on local co-op to play with your friends.

How do I fix WWE 2K22 error? ›

Here's how you can fix WWE 2K22 Error Unable to communicate with the server at this time.
  1. Check WWE 2K22 server status.
  2. Restart WWE 2K22.
  3. Restart the PC.
  4. Check internet connection.
  5. Switch internet connection.
  6. Restart the Router.
  7. Flush DNS cache.
  8. Reinstall the game.
24 Mar 2022

How do you fix corrupted data on WWE 2K22? ›

Just start first show as is default setup, sim matches, go to next show. Back out and it will auto save, close game and go back into game. The message should be gone and you should be able to delete the default Universe and still won't get corrupt message. Hope this helps.)

What is MF used for in WWE 2K22? ›

The new MyFaction mode in WWE 2K22 allows users to collect cards, establish factions with their favorite wrestlers, and enter the ring with legends to take on challenges and win rewards.

What is Universe mode in WWE 2K22? ›

Those who plan to stick with the game for the long run may turn to Universe. This sandbox game mode allows fans to play through the WWE calendar while possessing creative freedom. Shows can be changed and new championships can be added, for example.

How do you unlock wrestlers in WWE 2K22? ›

Dozens of wrestlers are unlockable only by completing matches in different modes or earning in-game currency to purchase them through the store. That's still the case here. More than 50 playable characters including both wrestlers and alternate versions of wrestlers are unlockable in WWE 2K22.

How many people are playing WWE 2K22? ›

WWE 2K22
MonthAvg. PlayersGain
Last 30 Days882.1-12.3
August 2022894.5-96.8
July 2022991.3-22.5
June 20221,013.8-344.3
3 more rows

Are WWE 2K20 servers down? ›

Via a tweet from the official WWE 2K Twitter account, fans learned that these titles' servers will be shut down on June 30, 2022. This will mean that WWE 2K20 and 2K19 players will no longer be able to participate in any form of online matches.


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4. WWE 2K22 PSP, Android/PPSSPP V2.0 : All Arenas Preview (W/T Perfect Leds, HD Tex. & Many More...)
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